About Us

Bluewaters Power is a Western Australian power provider committed to achieving a secure and environmentally efficient supply of energy for the state.

For over a decade, Bluewaters Power has built business around the use of innovative technologies to achieve a secure and environmentally efficient supply of energy for Western Australia. With projects based south west of Perth in Collie, Bluewaters Power is making significant contributions to the Western Australian energy mix.

Using innovative technologies designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with traditional power stations, Bluewaters Power strives to be a leading power supplier in the Western Australian energy market by providing a reliable, competitive and sustainable electricity source from a series of power generating assets and technologies.

Bluewaters Power actively supports research and development into cleaner coal technology for production of energy to reduce environmental impacts.

Through Bluewaters Power’s suite of new coal fired power generating plants and research into cleaner coal and sequestration technologies, the Company has taken a leading stance in progressing industry solutions to reduce its carbon footprint.