Environment & Community

Community relationships across Western AustraliaCommunity relationships across Western Australia.

Bluewaters Power is committed to investing time and energy into the community and sharing profits to build sustainable and mutual relationships. In all projects, Bluewaters Power strives to provide social and economic benefits to the local community.

Economic Benefits

Highly recognisable is Bluewaters Power’s economic contribution to the community in the form of employment, tourism, industry and community partnerships.

Bluewaters Power projects have provided and continue to provide economic benefits not only to the local community but to Western Australia as a whole. Projects such as Bluewaters Power Station have generated immense economic benefits including:

Bluewaters Power Station:

  • Increased employment opportunities including the creation of 600 jobs in Western Australia.
  • Training and development opportunities.
  • Greater utilisation of existing social infrastructure.
  • Increased business opportunities.
  • A stimulus to the economy of around $95.5 million in Western Australia.

Community Relations

A core community policy of Bluewaters Power is the Company’s commitment to community feedback. For all Bluewaters Power projects, thorough feasibility studies into community impact are completed, and made available to the community. Bluewaters Power also strives to achieve transparent communication with community members and stakeholders, and does this through:

  • Support of local community initiatives and development.
  • The provision of information on the development of Bluewaters Power projects.
  • Gaining local support of our project in the planning stages.
  • The encouragement of local participation in projects (where possible) including employment.