Environmental Responsibility

Wherever possible Bluewaters Power aims to prevent, or otherwise minimise, mitigate and remediate any harmful effects of its business on the environment.

Bluewaters Power recognises that excellence in managing our environmental performance is critical to our business success.

Bluewaters Power ensures that all activities are carried out in compliance with environmental laws and regulations. In addition, Bluewaters Power supports and encourages further action by helping to develop and implement recognised management systems and voluntary commitments to the environment.

Bluewaters Power is committed to a sustainable future for its business through significant investment in research, new technology, and local environmental initiatives.

Bluewaters Power’s approach includes:

  • Undertaking research into new clean coal technology and other technologies which reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The establishment of sustainable energy projects.
  • Use of the best applicable technology for new projects.
  • Investigating options to offset greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Contributing to the communities we operate in through employment, education and training.

By contributing to the successful future of the coal and energy industry through an investment in sustainability, Bluewaters Power is delivering social, economic and environmental benefits to Western Australia.

Our Environmental Policy