Bluewaters Power Station Expansion

Bluewaters Power Station Expansion

To help meet the State’s future power needs, Bluewaters Power will consider an expansion of its Bluewaters Power Station. Located within the Coolangatta Industrial Estate, approximately four kilometres north east of the town of Collie in Western Australia, the Bluewaters facilities have been designed to be developed in a modular fashion, to grow in step with power demand growth on the State’s main electricity grid.

Any proposed Bluewaters Power Station Expansion would comprise two of new coal-fired, base-load generators, each capable of producing 208 megawatts.

The first two units, Bluewaters I and II, are now online. The two proposed new units will be developed as the electricity demand gives signals that they are required.

The expansion project will meet all environmental regulations, and will use modern and efficient emissions controls technology throughout.

The proposed expansion will be designed to ensure the health and wellbeing of Collie and surrounding communities, with the added benefit of job creation and strengthening the economy of Collie and the south west.