Bluewaters Power Station

Bluewaters Power Station ExpansionCapabilites to power Western Australian businesses using the best applicable technology.

Bluewaters Power is committed to sustainability and minimising greenhouse gas emissions in order to provide a sustainable future for the state’s energy supply.

Bluewaters Power Station is the first privately owned, coal fired power station in Western Australia and a key contributor to Western Australia’s energy mix.

The plant is a base load power station using sub critical technology to generate electricity to a capacity of 416 Megawatts. Bluewaters Power Station will deliver a range of real benefits to Western Australia and the South West community.

The power station uses a high efficiency combustion process and employs emission control technology to reduce its emmisions. While emissions cannot be entirely eliminated, they will be continuously monitored and kept well within the regulatory limits, and will be in the lowest quartile in Western Australia for coal fired power stations.

Project Facts and Figures
Location 4.5 kilometres north east of Collie, Western Australia
Capacity 416 Megawatts
Type of Energy Thermal Energy Process
Source of Energy Collie Coal – a relatively clean coal with low levels of sulphur and zero methane content
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