Bluewaters Power’s vision is to be a leading power producer in Western Australia. We are achieving this by delivering low electricity prices to the WA Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM) and supporting grid stability by providing spinning reserve ancillary services to the system operator.

We deliver over 15% of WA’s electricity supply from an asset that is one of the lowest cost producers.

[some good charts of Bluewaters position in the market]

Owned by a Japanese power utility (Kansai Electric) and global trading company (Sumitomo Corporation) our shareholders approach our business with a long term view. Our business planning is delivering strategies to address sustainable performance, operations & processes, governance and people & culture.

We are committed to working with our customers, energy industry, communities and government to continued electricity market reform and the delivery of low cost energy to power WA’s economy. 

Words from the CEO

The electricity industry is in a dynamic state of transition towards increasing renewables and lowering emissions. As the ultimate just-in-time industry, where supply and demand must instantaneously balance, dispatchable generation such as ours is critical to maintaining a reliable electricity supply.

Bluewaters Power’s business model is underpinned by long term electricity supply agreements with our customers Synergy, Water Corporation and Boddington Gold Mine. These contracts are supported by Bluewater’s being one of the lowest cost producers in the WEM.

Our power station assets have a very important role to play in the WEM and we recognise the importance to achieving high levels of availability. To achieve this we are continuously focusing on improving our asset management capability and ensuring we value our most important asset – Bluewaters’ staff and key contractors.

Our Station

Bluewaters Power Station is the only privately owned coal-fired power station in Western Australia.

Built in 2009, 4.5km northeast of Collie, it consists of two 217MW units and runs on sub-bituminous coal, supplied under long-term contracts from the coal mining town of Collie. As the newest coal-fired power station in Western Australia, we are the most efficient unit with the lowest emissions of this type of generator.