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Our Approach

As an energy provider to the state, and as an environmentally responsible organisation, we’re striving to achieve sustainable development. This means putting community needs and environmental preservation front and centre of our business decisions.

As well as ensuring we operate as environmentally efficiently as possible, we’ve also committed to providing funding towards our sustainability goals, with a significant monetary investment going towards initiatives that ensure we keep doing the right thing for our environment.


We report externally on our emissions and waste. We have monitoring systems to ensure we stay compliant with all our environmental requirements and are transparent with our results. We are focused on demonstrating our environmental performance through data and technology.

Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems or CEMS, is used to measure the emission levels produced directly by our power station, and provide a visual indication to ensure we’re operating to acceptable levels.

Ambient air monitoring technology is in place to measure our emission levels and the air quality experienced by the wider community. This helps us ensure we’re doing the right thing by the community that supports us.

The Collie Air Shed Study was set up with Synergy and South32 to establish strict meteorological and ambient emissions monitoring to report on the emissions and environmental impact of our power station. This data will be used to set up an air-shed model for the greater Collie basin.

We work with consulting firms that care about the environment as much as we do. They help us set up, calibrate, monitor, and report on our emissions, so we can make sure we’re always on the right track.